Signal to Noise by Silvia Moreno-Garcia


“Why can’t music be magic? Aren’t spells just words you repeat? And what are songs? Lyrics that play over and over again. The words are like a formula.”

It’s rare to find a book that captures both the feeling of a teenager and the feeling of looking back on that time in a way that isn’t all sunshine and roses. It’s one of the reasons I connected so well with this book. It managed to evoke feelings of that time that I didn’t even remember having.

The story moves between the viewpoints of the characters, giving them a lot of depth (and a much more sympathetic reaction from me) than would have been possible from a single viewpoint. I loved watching the urge to reverse engineer the magic of music by a girl who would grow up to be a programmer.

I highly recommend this book. The characters are messy and complex, the music evocative, and the magic shines through all of it. Besides, how often do you get to read a novel which is so distinctly Mexican and Norwegian?

“And that was that. You don’t get to rewind your life like a tape and splice it back together, pretending it never knotted and tore, when it did and you know it did.”

Playlist for the book can be found here.


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