King Coyote – Self-titled

King Coyote – Self-titled

There’s not a lot of crossover between birding and thrash… so there’s probably no faster way to get me into an album than by using the name of an obscure bird-of-paradise as a song title. Vancouver thrash sludge band King Coyote released their self-titled album on March 27th, and it’s a substantial effort.

King Coyote has solid technical skills – the bass and guitar really stood out for me, and the whole group sounds good together. I also liked that the vocalist hits a good balance between harsh and understandable.

“Jobi Manucobe” grabbed me right away. Birds of paradise are known for the amazing mating displays they do. The song compares how we search for a relationship to that of those spectacular birds who pull their feathers up, down, and every which way to find their mate. It’s about how we can devastate or even destroy ourselves striving to get too close to that bit of perfection we seek. I really liked the bass on this song and the way it drove the chorus in particular.

“Southie from the Street” seems out of place lyrically with the rest of the album. The lyrics cover knights, wolves, birds, and hauntings, and then switches to a corrupt cop. The music works well with the others, but the lyrics stick out a bit.

I liked the lyrics for this album. They have a complexity that you don’t always see – it’s one of a relatively few albums where I wanted to look into the lyrics further. I’d love to have an extra option over on Bandcamp to get extra blurbs talking about the song inspiration and the thoughts behind the lyrics.

I’d recommend pulling this album down – it’s a good listen, and I’m looking forward to seeing them live as well. King Coyote is up for free download with all the lyrics over at their Bandcamp page, but why not throw these folks a few bucks for a great first recording?

(Previously published at Bucketlist Music Reviews)


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