Jack Spades – The First

Jack Spades – The First

Sault Ste. Marie band Jack Spades released The First April 20th, thirteen solid minutes of driving punk thrash with a rock and roll feel. It’s an album you want to turn up while driving – I just wish there was more of it so I could drive a little further!

“They Live” opens the album, and it’s my favourite. Belanger’s drumming is straightforward but fast and crisp. Also, I have to admit it, you’ll win me over every time with a They Live reference – I love that movie.

The cover of Ripcordz’ anthem “X” was excellent – it sticks close to the original, but sounds cleaner. “We are the boys, we are the girls, we are the noise, we are the world. We are the youth, we are the truth, we are the X, we are the next.” I haven’t heard a good anthem in a long time, and they do it well.

“Breakneck Speed” is the sort of song where you either need to be in the pit or driving like hell. Johnny Pints’ vocals are clean with an edge that sounds like a lot of whisky and smoke has been involved and it meshes really well with the guitars. I especially liked the guitar work in this one – the break where they were harmonizing was excellent.

Grab this one while it’s still hot out – it’s only $4, and it’s well worth it. Perfect summer music.

(Previously published at Bucketlist Music Reviews)


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