Disworship – Self-titled

Disworship – Self-titled

Let’s face it, it’s hard to find a band that covers subjects from the vileness of Colonel Steel to Israel’s use of white phosphorus. Disworship, however, is that band. From the first burst of feedback on their self-titled album released April 18th 2014, they use a relentlessly sludgy doom grind to destroy consumerism, worship, and the tyranny of torturous regimes.

Disworship has an excellent musical pedigree, and includes members of Cathar, Nun Un, Destroy All, HERON, Sabrael, Night Terrors, and Brains. It’s made up of Mark on vocals, Freya on drums and vocals, Scott and Greg on guitars, and Kavan on bass. They are all amazing musicians, people who live and breathe to play music. They recorded the album with Kevin Grindon at Rain City Recorders.

Since this band evolved from Cathar’s demise, it’s great to see them taking such a break from that style. As much as I loved Cathar, I wanted something new from Disworship. This album gives me what I am looking for and a lot more.

“Crystal Spirit” is my favourite song of the album. “Shifting gears/ inside the mind/ compartmentalize fragments/ choose to live infected/ defeated/ complacent.” The groove sucks me in and forces my head to move, and the changing rhythms drive ruthlessly to the end.

‘Mowing the Lawn’ is the term used to describe white phosphorus use by the Israeli army against the Palestinian occupied territories.  “Here come the sadists defending freedom/ foreign allies support lethal action/ a systematic violent mechanism.” The song features Freya’s counterpoint to Mark’s vocals throughout, and the interplay works very well.

I absolutely recommend this album. The variation both between and within the songs is what makes the music so excellent. The intricate tempo changes are fantastic, and make for incredibly complex songs. Disworship doesn’t just defy the metronome, it smashes it black bloc-style through the windows of consumerist culture.

(Previously published at Bucketlist Music Reviews)


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