Bride & Groom – Self Titled

Bride & Groom – Self Titled

If you’re a cynic, this is not the album for you. I’m not a fan of love songs, myself – they tend to be too sad, too sappy, or both at once. This album hits a happy medium. It’s sweet, sometimes bittersweet, but never too much. I even liked the lyrics, which is where a lot of indie folk loses me.

Bride & Groom is an indie folk duo out of Montreal, featuring Jesse Daniel Smith on guitar and vocals, and Kaitlyn Raitz on cello. The combination of guitar and cello works remarkably well, with the cello supporting the sound and the guitar providing the rhythm and melody. The two play well together, with sweet, bright harmonies on the choruses. The Bride & Groom name fits them strikingly well.

“Blackbird in a Cage” is my favourite of the five songs.

There’s this girl that I know who puts braids in her hair

Her heart’s in the south when there’s frost in the air

She don’t know if she’s staying, she’s destined to leave

But she likes my playing so I want to believe.

The lyrics are lovely, and the song strengthens and swells as it goes along before dropping down again at the last chorus. The dynamic variation works really well with the piece – swelling with hope, fading with doubt.

This is an album to put on when the afternoon sun is bright, and you are relaxing against a tree in the yard, maybe while you’re going through some old memories. It’s sweet like a cold, crisp, autumn apple. Sweet, not cloying. It makes me think of summers past.

Bride & Groom will be playing August 26th at Cafe Resonance in Montreal. I’m hoping they’ll come westward soon so we can get a glimpse of them live. If you have any love for folk, check these two out. Have a listen and relax into the sunlight. Check out their Facebook page here.

(Previously published at Bucketlist Music Reviews)


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